Health Savings Account

Make paying for healthcare easier and less expensive with a tax-advantaged and portable savings account that allows you to save money for unexpected medical expenses, no matter what HSA-qualified healthcare plan you have. Sign up today for an Encore Bank HSA, powered by Lively.


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Maximize Your Healthcare Savings


Triple Tax-advantaged

Contribute, grow, and withdraw your funds for qualifying medical expenses tax-free.*


Lower Premiums with HSA-qualified Plans

Enjoy lower monthly premiums with an HDHP, and triple tax-advantaged savings with an HSA.


No Expiration Date

Reimburse yourself for any qualifying healthcare expenses in the future, even after you change employers or retire.**


Portable Funds

You own your HSA account, not your employer. The funds roll over from year to year and remain with you even if you change jobs or health plans.

Using Your Health Savings Account


Investment For Your Future

You have access to two industry-leading investment solutions that align with your personal financial goals. Invest your funds with one-time, sweep, or recurring transfers.*** Enjoy unlimited growth potential completely tax-free.


Convenient Debit Card

Pay your medical expenses easily and conveniently at your doctor’s office, pharmacy, or any other qualified location where debit cards are accepted. Add your debit card to your mobile wallet for easy access to your funds.

Encore Bank HSA

Those enrolled in an HSA-qualified High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) and not concurrently enrolled in any other non-HSA qualifying health insurance plan are eligible to open a Health Savings Account with Encore Bank. Take control of your healthcare expenses and maximize your benefits with an HSA.


An HSA, or a Health Savings Account, is an interest-bearing and tax-exempt health expenditure account often used to pay for qualifying, out-of-pocket expenses. The main eligibility requirement for opening an HSA is a qualifying high-deductible health plan (HDHP), known for lower premiums and high deductibles. 

Thousands of medical expenses qualify for HSA funds. Some of these expenses include allergy testing, eye exams, lactation consultants, physical therapy, walking aids, and more. For a full list of eligible expenses, visit Lively.

The IRS sets a maximum for how much can be contributed to an HSA each year. These limits include your employer's contributions, if applicable. For an annually updated look at the current maximums set by the IRS, visit Lively.

Although you’re no longer eligible to contribute funds to your HSA, you are still eligible to use the funds in your account. Options include paying for qualified medical expenses, leaving the money to continue earning interest, or investing the funds.

If you have specific questions about your HSA, please contact our customer support by calling +1 (844) 394-2265 or emailing Elizabeth Meyer at To sign up for your Encore HSA, please visit our partner, Lively.

Encore Bank HSAs, powered by Lively, are provided by Lively Inc. and are subject to their approval. Lively Inc. is not affiliated with Encore Bank.
*Contributions to and earnings on HSAs are not subject to federal taxes but may be subject to state taxes depending on where you reside. Encore Bank does not provide tax or legal advice. Seek the advice of your own tax and legal professionals to ensure your compliance with applicable HSA and other laws.
**As long as the HSA was established at the time the cost was incurred.
***Investment options are provided through Lively Inc.; fees may apply.  Investments are: NOT FDIC INSURED – NOT BANK GUARANTEED – NOT A DEPOSIT – MAY LOSE VALUE.