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Mortgage Made Easy

Encore Bank offers personal mortgage loans that help you, whether it’s refinancing your existing mortgage or turning your dream home into a reality. Our mortgage bankers are prepared to clarify the process, guide you through it and reach a tailored solution. Are you ready to connect with an Encore Bank mortgage bankers? Read about our mortgage services and let our certified staff take care of the rest.

Home Equity Loans

Take advantage of your home's worth with an Encore Bank. Use your Home Equity Loan to renovate your property, consolidate debt at a lower interest rate, or finally build that addition you've been dreaming of.

Time to Refinance?

Before you begin the process of refinancing your mortgage, it’s important to understand the “why” of doing so. Are you trying to reduce your monthly payment? Do you need to tap into equity or want to pay off your home at a faster rate? No matter what your refinancing goal may be – the mortgage bankers at Encore Bank are here to help.

Meet with one of our mortgage bankers to understand your goals and manage all of the detailed considerations – the “when” to refinance and the “how” to do so.

First Time Home Buyers?

Making the transition from watching HGTV to living it for the first time can be exciting – creating your dream home wishlist, narrowing down the neighborhoods and finally deciding between that craftsman and colonial (we personally vote craftsman).

Are you discovering the not-so-fun side of home-buying for the first time? Are you figuring out how to properly finance your new endeavor? Luckily for you, that’s our favorite part. At Encore Bank, we are ready to help. Meet with one of our mortgage bankers today to discuss the right mortgage for your first home purchase.

Specialty Home Loans

Are you a first responder, educator, medical professional, business professional, or interested in investment real estate? You may be eligible for one of Encore Bank's specialty home loans. 

Meet our Mortgage Bankers

Josh Allen

Josh Allen

SVP, Mortgage Banker NMLS #266124

711 Broadway, Suite 106, San Antonio, TX 78215

Cell: (210) 268-3157

Miranda Ballard

Miranda Ballard

Mortgage Banker NMLS #1780074

2211 Browns Lane, Jonesboro, AR 72401

Office: (870) 227-1030

Cell: (870) 335-8644


Jason Black

Mortgage Banker NMLS #157556

511 Union St, 10th Floor, Nashville, TN 37209

Cell: (615) 944-1300

Mike Brown

Mike Brown

Mortgage Banker, NMLS# 2356466

Austin, TX

Cell: (214) 289-5992

Stephen Griffin

Stephen Griffin

Mortgage Banker NMLS #675424

1801 Rahling Rd, Little Rock, AR 72223

Office: (501) 500-4744

Cell: (501) 952-2163

Mandy Hathorn

Mandy Hathorn

SVP, Mortgage Banker NMLS #146513

112 W. Center St, 100 Fayetteville, AR 72701

Office: (479) 502-9537

Cell: (479) 799-6324

John Hurst

John Hurst

SVP & Mortgage Banker NMLS# 665613

1801 Rahling Rd Ste, 200 Little Rock, AR 72223

Cell: (501) 690-6904

Walker Jones

Walker Jones

Mortgage Banker NMLS #2018796

5960 Berkshire Ln., Suite 1100, Dallas, TX, 75225

Office: (972) 587-0648

Cell: (501) 944-9113

Alyssa Tamez Lopez

Alyssa Tamez Lopez

SVP, Mortgage Banker NMLS #985938

711 Broadway, Suite 106, San Antonio, TX 78215

Cell: (210) 310-6405

Chase Miller

Chase Miller

Mortgage Banker NMLS #2025258

5100 W. JB Hunt Dr, #820 Rogers, AR, 72758

Office: (479) 502-9319

Cell: (501) 837-0355

Chris Murry

Chris Murray

SVP, Mortgage Banker NMLS #294350


Cell: (720) 317-1315

Brock Whisenhunt

Brock Whisenhunt

SVP, Mortgage Banker NMLS #665617

1801 Rahling Rd., Little Rock, AR 72223

Office: (501) 500-2960

Cell: (501) 519-1851