Health Savings Account
Administration for Employers

Offer your employees a top-rated HSA that allows them to save for upcoming healthcare expenses, build their fund for later use, or add it to their investment portfolio for long-term growth. Encore Bank has partnered with Lively to offer an intuitive HSA platform that makes it easy to administer your benefits.


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Maximize Your Savings


Healthcare Premium Savings

Save up to 20% in premiums on High Deductible Health Plans and offer HSAs to pair with them. This is a cost-effective way for employers to save on business costs, and employees to save on taxes and expenses.

Pay roll

Payroll Tax Savings

As an employer, you can save on FICA taxes when you or your employees contribute to employee HSAs. Your employees can contribute, grow, and withdraw their funds for qualifying medical expenses without paying taxes on them.*


Enhanced Benefits Package

Healthcare and financial wellness benefits are now considered necessities by the vast majority of today’s workforce. Offer a dedicated triple-tax advantaged account for healthcare expenses to build an attractive benefits package.


360 Service Model

The Lively team supports you every step of the way, from initial set-up and Open Enrollment to maximizing adoption and performance.

HSA Administration Simplified


Dedicated Support

You and your employees receive access to a dedicated customer success team and experienced support team throughout the year.


Lively Admin Dashboard

Add and remove employees, update and schedule contributions, and download reports all from one centralized and easy-to-access location. Lively easily integrates with your existing benefits and payroll tech stack.

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Employee Education

Lively proactively provides your employees with self-service resources and personalized education to help them optimize the value of their HSA according to their goals.

Encore Bank Partners with Lively

Lively's innovative technology allows employers to customize their programs and get them up and running within weeks, not months. Your employees can take advantage of a suite of resources available to them so they maximize their healthcare savings.


Companies are charged a monthly fee based on the number of enrolled employees. There are no other fees for employers.

Lively offers two premier solutions to help employees build toward their financial goals: Schwab Health Savings Brokerage Account by Charles Schwab and HSA Guided Portfolio by Devenir**. We have a solution that’s right for them whether they prefer to be more hands-on or receive personalized guidance.  Learn more about Lively’s HSA investment solutions here.

Employees benefit from an HSA because they can save and spend tax-free on eligible medical expenses when paired with a High Deductible Health Insurance Plan. As an employer, you may benefit too, by saving on payroll taxes.*  Learn more about tax benefits here.

Yes, employees can make direct contributions from their linked external bank accounts within the Lively dashboard or mobile app.

Employees own their HSA and continue to do so if they leave your company or the health plan. Once your company provides the termination information to Lively, the Encore Bank HSA, powered by Lively will be converted to an individual account and will no longer be linked to your company.  Lively will send the employees communications on the continuing benefits of their new HSA.

Encore Bank HSAs, powered by Lively are provided by Lively Inc. and are subject to their approval. Lively Inc. is not affiliated with Encore Bank.
*Contributions to and earnings on HSAs are not subject to federal taxes but may be subject to state taxes depending on where you reside. Encore Bank does not provide tax or legal advice. Seek the advice of your own tax and legal professionals to ensure your compliance with applicable HSA and other laws.
**Investment options are provided through Lively Inc.; fees may apply.  Investments are: NOT FDIC INSURED – NOT BANK GUARANTEED – NOT A DEPOSIT – MAY LOSE VALUE.